"Together We Explore, Discover, Achieve and Grow: Developing Outstanding Practice"

Getting the basics right: Communication

At Heacham Infant and Nursery School we have been working hard to develop our own curriculum offer to enhance the National Curriculum . Our aim is to build an outstanding diet of knowledge,skills and experiences for your children that are irresistible and effective.
We have taken innovative and research based teaching interventions and used them to create a strong communication thread right through our broad curriculum and our teaching and learning sequences. The rationale for this is that language is at the very heart of what we do, that many of our children come with low language and attention starting points and that a language curriculum offers many opportunities for metacognition-to learn about learning. All our staff have specialist training through the Primary Writing Project and the Power Of Reading Project so that these communication and language resources influence our central pedagogy for how we teach and learn at our school. Each class has a creative theme that is linked to either a quality story or book. Our children learn to recite and imitate the stories which helps them make good progress in listening, attention, talking, reading and writing. They love being read to and the Power Of Reading provides some great books to use to develop self expression and thinking.

curriculum-QeIE.png curriculum-BE0b.png curriculum-Uk3y.png

Our Communication Curriculum Map  and our curriculum key vocabulalry

 curriculum-q07v.JPG curriculum-uItq.JPG curriculum-lYuK.JPG open-morning-Ioq0.JPG 

Your whole child: a broad and balanced curriculum

We value your whole child's development and teach a well balanced curriculum so every child can shine and learn more. Each theme has the foundation subjects embedded within and we give children long opportunities to learn Geography, History, Science, Computing, Design and Technology, Physical Education, Religious Education , Music, Art and Social and Emotional Well being ( Our Characteristics of Effective Learning Continuum)

All children in our school have long periods of blocked provision each afternoon to learn, practice and rehearse the wider curriculum subjects. This learning is recorded in every child's learning journey from Nursery through to Year Two. Teachers observe and plan provision and teaching using progression maps for each Foundation Subject. Each subject is linked to a colour so that progress in each area is easily identified and tracked.

Progressive curriculum map   Vocabulary across the curriculum

We are developing our own exemplification materials for foundation subjects to make sure we have high and appropriate expectations for all subjects. We are looking at key skills for the subject such as drawing,map mapping or investigations and making progression folders  with samples of work from each year group. We agree our standards with other schools in our Trust and Cluster at foundation moderation meetings. These are some examples from Art. 



Woven into this curriculum are many opportunities to learn about ourselves and life beyond our village and around the world. Living in a rural, coastal community we take every opportunity to promote aspiration, respect and tolerance in a global context. For example, Year Two have traveled to London to experience Tate Gallery artists workshops. Artists, Authors Scientists, Mathematicians and Musicians have come to work with children to develop Arts in our school.We value where we live as an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and maximise our opportunities to learn through play outdoors. We have an amazing outside garden to play in and have resourced and zoned this space to help us with teaching and learning.

Year One Curriculum Map      Year Two Curriculum Map  Nursery Curriculum Map

Enjoyment, Well being And Enrichment

Finally we want to offer exceptional learning and opportunities for your child but we aim to develop their social, emotional and mental health too. Attitudes and confidence make a real difference to our lives and we believe that the stepping stones of early education and family life are vital in promoting well being. We have carried on the Characteristics of Effective Learning so we can measure progress in these essential emotional, social and life skills We extended the principles from EYFS into KS1 and use this to measure your child's attitudes and happiness through our school journey. The skills used are identified in learning journeys by a golden, silver of bronze sticker to show how special we all are.

Characteristics of effective learning continuum

We promote high aspirations through the Children’s University offered to pupils and free for those who access pupil premium funding. We target some children for this experience as we believe in promoting equality of opportunity. Our extended school provision includes flexible Nursery hours for 3 and 4 year olds, our daily learning cafe before school, drop in club, yoga, reading, multisports, recorders and many more.

We also host many courses for parents - we have a successful Learning Catalyst group, run parenting courses and workshops to support parents understanding of behaviour, SEN, curriculum and curriculum targets.